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Griffin's Journey

May 22

Griffin has his second rehab appointment today, this time at Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center in Warren, NJ.  It’s about 45 minutes from our home, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have to drive to New Jersey!  Griffin was also excited to go for a car ride – both of us are tired of being home!  I was lucky enough to accompany Griffin for his entire visit, which was so helpful in terms of seeing the massage techniques and stretching exercises for Griffin.  David was so patient and informative, taking his time and explaining everything he did.  Just like with human massages, there were some moments when Griffin was uncomfortable due tension in his body, but I could see when the massage would release that tension and his whole body would go limp.  David’s assessment was that overall, Griffin is doing remarkably well.  We will be going back in a month, at which time David will have a recommendation for a brace for Griffin’s carpal (wrist) joint on his remaining front leg.

Griffin got a summer haircut yesterday.  It’s a tad shorter than I normally have it cut, but it will grow fast and the shorter hairdo helped to even out the patchwork all over Griffin’s body from the many recent times he has been shaved for surgery and subsequent procedures.  He’s a happy, handsome boy no matter what!

After waiting 6 days from the second round to chemo to make sure he did not suffer any side effects, Griffin started taking some of his supplements (vitamins, colostrum, and Turkey Tail) yesterday.  I’ll introduce the remaining ones slowly to ensure he tolerates them well, mindful that dosages may need to be tweaked to be just right.

Nothing much else is new on our end.  Griffin continues to thrive (he is now 7 weeks and 1 day post surgery) and as long as he is doing well, I am happy!

xoxo Stacy

I guess I make a comfy pillow while resting under a tree in our favorite park!

Happy boy before summer haircut…

…and still incredibly happy after grooming!

Griffin was worn out by rehab today!

May 17

Today was a lazy Sunday for Griffin, taking a 1.5 hour stroll in the morning and sleeping most of the day.  He loves the recipe I made for him yesterday (ground turkey, kale, bell peppers, apples, cottage cheese, sardines, and dried blueberries – yum!) and licked his bowl clean this afternoon.  Griffin wasn’t super excited about going for a walk this evening, so I pulled out the wagon, loaded him up, and off we went.  He walked around for a bit once we arrived at the park and when he was ready for a ride, he stood next to the wagon so I could lift him back inside.  Smart boy!

xoxo Stacy

This is our bench where we rest for a while before heading into the homestretch on our morning walks.


Enjoying a rest in the grass!


Getting a lift on our evening stroll!


My boy, the clown – a little fetch, a little snacking on weeds, a little roll in the grass, and then back with the ball!

This is point where we stop to rest before starting the last leg back home.

Lots of good smells in the park today!

May 16

Griffin had his second round of chemo yesterday and breezed through!  Dr. Camps (his oncologist) said that based on his lab work and her exam, Griffin continues to do quite well.  She remarked that his weight has stayed exactly the same in his 3 visits to AMC since surgery (60.4 lbs) and that he is by far her most active tripawd patient.  We discussed gradually adding the supplements that Dr. Wolf recommended in a week to make sure that he does not exhibit any side effects from the chemo and then monitoring his reaction to each supplement.  We also briefly discussed the possibility of using Auranofin, which some clinical studies have shown might reduce lung metastasis, a huge concern with osteosarcoma, and continued that discussion via email today.  I am so grateful to the entire staff at AMC for being so responsive and caring for Griffin so well!

Summer visited NYC yesterday, bringing temperatures in the mid 80s.  Today is a gorgeous spring day with bright sunshine and a breezy 75°.  Both days were perfect for spending time outdoors, which Griffin and I did.  As the temperature rises, I have been mindful of offering Griffin longer and more frequent breaks, hence the video of him resting under a tree today after walking about a mile (with shorter breaks along the way).  Please take note of the pretty yellow flower adorning his harness (2nd photo)!  The first video was taken 2 days ago and makes me laugh because the setting is so serene but then the sound makes you remember that we are still in NYC!  And the last video shows the Hudson River today with “waves” crashing that actually were very serene to watch and hear!

xoxo Stacy

Stretching out in the sunshine!

Standing strong and sporting a pretty yellow blossom!


May 13

Today was a great day to be outside – if you don’t have seasonal allergies!  It was sunny and warm, allowing Griffin and me to spend over 2 hours outdoors between our morning and evening walks.  Griffin continues to make new friends wherever we go and continues to amaze people that he has been a tripawd for only 6 weeks.

I had a phone consultation with Dr. Anna Maria Wolfe, a holistic vet who practices in Washington (thanks to Ziva’s dad, Steve, for the referral!).  She and I discussed general nutrition, including ways to incorporate home-cooked meals with Griffin’s regular dog food.  She also recommended a bunch of supplements that are going to force me to purchase one of those pill organizers in order to keep Griffin’s daily dosages straight!  Those supplements include a general vitamin, fish oil (which Griffin already takes), a mushroom blend, colostrum, and 2 Chinese herbs.  She also recommended CBD oil, but as Griffin is not experiencing any mobility issues, I’m going to hold off on that for now so I can gauge the effect of the other supplements and ensure he tolerates them well.

Griffin is wearing a new harness today, although I find anything I use starts to shift/slip if attached to a leash which eventually pulls it to one side.  This new ThinkPet No Pull Sports harness has a handle, padding across the chest and back, and both front and back clips for the leash.  I originally bought a RuffWear Web Master harness which fits Griffin well, but I find it a bit bulky and it has only a clip on the back for the leash, but I’m sure it will come in handy in some situations.

It was much less windy today than in recent days, so you can really hear the birds in the videos below.  You can also see Griffin snacking on some weeds – weirdo!

xoxo Stacy

Happy boy!

Griffin is my sunshine, so this photo is quite appropriate!

May 10

While today was a bit chilly in the morning, the day was bright and we spent a few hours outdoors enjoying the sunshine.  As you probably know, Griffin is a rather charming fellow.  So charming, in fact, that he often steals the balls and humans’ affections of other dogs, and they love him nevertheless.  Such is the case in the video below.  Kyna’s ball was evidently more interesting than our own and her mom simply can’t resist Griffin.  Both Kyna and Griffin must have passed kindergarten with flying colors because they took turns fetching the ball quite nicely, giving the other a much needed breather in between rounds.  Our evening stroll was markedly different from last night – warm and sunny without a hint of hail!

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

xoxo Stacy

Silly, happy faces while the wind blows.


Striking a pose among the trees.

Griffin enjoyed an evening stroll as the sun was beginning to set.

Griffin playing fetch with Kyna’s ball and mom.

Griffin resting on the way home this morning.