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Griffin's Journey

Jul 29

My last update on Kilo ended with, “It wasn’t ever easy, but for Kilo, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”  And I guess the universe took me seriously because Kilo came back to live with me on June 10, 2022.  He spent just over 8 weeks with the family that was supposed to be his forever, but things did not work out that way.

As I’ve learned firsthand, the Cane Corso breed is a powerful, guardian one and requires a family who will establish boundaries that protect both the dog and others. Kilo was not set up for success with those protective boundaries, which resulted in an unfortunate incident.  A man who was not well known by Kilo was permitted to enter unannounced through the back door of the house and Kilo bit him, breaking skin but not causing a serious injury.  Kilo did his job and he was repaid with a one-way return ticket to Rescue City.

While frustrated and upset with the circumstances of his return, I am happy to have Kilo back in my life.  Aside from having gained 16lbs in the time he was gone (which we have been making diligent efforts to shed), Kilo does not seem worse for the wear.  We have been working on improving his overall conduct when faced with life’s disappointments, which for Kilo means not being able to form a friendship with every dog we come across.  I am incredibly proud of how well he walks on a leash on the bustling NYC streets – and I’m proud of myself for learning alongside him, providing both management and correction as needed.  We are currently working on his guarding behaviors of my apartment building, with neighbors who adore him becoming willing guinea pigs to test Kilo’s restraint on the stairs and by the front door.

We are so very lucky that Kilo’s beloved walker made room in her schedule immediately to accommodate his return (I was given one day’s notice). We are doubly lucky that we discovered another local dog walking company that has boarded Kilo a few times this summer and where he now attends daycare 2 days a week. I am thankful for the support of these additional caregivers who love Kilo, making it possible for me to work full-time and go on vacation while fostering him – and I know the 4 young men who run the company love the street cred that walking Kilo in our neighborhood brings them. 😉

With his return, I’m continually asked if I’ll adopt Kilo and the answer is no.  I adore him and will gladly care for him for as long as it takes to find his true forever home.  But Kilo deserves a family that embraces the Cane Corso breed and celebrates how magnificent they are.  And my dog needs to be one that I can take to work and on family vacations without having to worry about setting protective boundaries.  Genetically, that is not who Kilo is nor how he was designed to behave, and it would be both unethical and cruel to try to make him into something he is not.

For now, Kilo and I are content with our little family.  He motivates me to walk each morning (even the unbearably humid ones) and makes me laugh with his antics.  He brings me joy and livens up our quiet apartment.  And one day his forever family will come along, and I’ll let him go again, trusting that we got it right this time around.  I will miss him terribly and tell everyone that for Kilo, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 🧡

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  1. jerry
    3:10 pm - 7-30-2022

    Wow Stacy, you are such a remarkable lady! I’m sad that he was returned but who better than to you, for now at least. He is a very fortunate dog to have a foster willing to do everything you have done, so that he can be the dog he was born to be. I wish all rescues were as fortunate.

    Thanks for sharing another example of the power of fostering, and why it’s so important for folks to really investigate the breed they are considering.

    P.S. Great job working to get that weight off of him, that’s a LOT of extra pounds on his joints. I suspect the family was stuffing him with treats to try to deal with him?

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