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Griffin's Journey

Sep 02

Gracie passed away peacefully this afternoon.  While she had improved in her ability to walk since last week, she never recovered the ability to get up on her own.  Last night she started limping on her front left leg and this morning she was unable to bear weight on it at all.  She was listless, disinterested in food, and had great difficulty toileting outside.  I let the recue know that I thought it was her time and they agreed, graciously allowing me to bring Gracie to my vet this afternoon.  Before that, we took a walk to Gracie’s favorite spot in Griffin’s park where she could see the Hudson River and enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes.

I know I did everything I could to make Gracie’s final months joyful, safe, and loving.  My heart aches for the loss of her gentle, loyal spirit, but in her eyes I could see that it was time for her to go.  My heart also aches for the family that surrendered her in July.  They may not have had the resources to care for her medically, but based on how well-trained and sweet she was, I know they must have loved Gracie very much and not knowing what became of her must be agonizing for them.

As challenging as our time together was occassionally, I do not regret for one second taking Gracie into my care.  And while some common medical issues with Griffin brought up painful memories, I am so very grateful that my experiences with Griffin made me a better advocate for Gracie, including knowing when her quality of life was compromised to the point where I needed to let her go peacefully and pain free.

Gracie met so many of my family, friends, & neighbors, experienced Beaver Creek in Pennsylvania, and took long walks in the park almost every day.  I am thankful to have shared such fun times with Gracie and I will hold her in my heart forever.  May her memory be a blessing. sp_hearticon2

4 comments so far

  1. Virginia Richard
    6:38 pm - 9-2-2021

    I am glad she got to enjoy a beautiful September day today!

  2. Michelle
    8:33 pm - 9-2-2021

    I am sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for showing Gracie love at the time she needed someone. You did your best for her and let her enjoy her time she had here with dignity and love.

    I am glad she got to enjoy her favorite site before she left for the Bridge.

    Run free sweet Gracie.


    Michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and sweet Snickers

  3. Martja
    11:28 am - 9-3-2021

    Crying reading this. Thanks so much for writing. God bless her and may she indeed rest in peace. I loved meeting her, too…xxoo

  4. jerry
    7:42 pm - 9-5-2021

    Stacy, you are an amazing human being. I’m so sad she is gone but thank you for allowing Gracie to experience a happy, loving, beautiful, pain-free, peaceful time these last few months. You gave her the farewell that we hope all our dogs will be able to have. All because of your generous heart, your smarts, your tenacity, and the loving spirit of Griffin guiding you throughout the journey.

    Run free with Griffin, sweet Gracie, you are always cherished and loved.

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