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Griffin's Journey

Apr 28

Prior to his surgery, Griffin and I would easily walk a 2-mile route from our house to the furthest point at Dyckman Fields in Upper Manhattan, and back again.  Griffin is not yet up to making the 2-mile trip on his own (he can do about 1.5 miles in the morning, less in the late afternoon), so I loaded him into the wagon this evening, hauled him to the park, and then let him meander for a while.  He almost made it to the point, but did not complain when I gave him a ride for the last little bit and most of the way home.  About 2 blocks from home, he stood up in the wagon as I was pulling it – yikes!  I swear he was determined not to let our neighbors see him riding in the wagon – LOL!

That’s the Hudson River, with New Jersey on the left and the Bronx (Riverdale) on the right.

xoxo Stacy

Griffin enjoying the sunshine at Dyckman Fields.

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