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Griffin's Journey

Apr 25

Today is a glorious, sunshiny day in NYC and Griffin and I made the most of it!  Enjoy today’s photos and videos!

xoxo Stacy

I have resumed using Griffin’s old harnesses (SENSE-ation) for ease of movement.  He is not accustomed to wearing a bulky harness like the Web Master (which fits him well and seems comfortable), although we will still use it when having a handle might be needed.

We walked quite a bit today and stopped to rest on the return home.  This was the view from the park bench where we rested for over 20 minutes just enjoying the sunshine, breeze, and calming view of the Hudson River and the Palisades on the New Jersey shore.

Griffin has learned that the faster he walks, the more his momentum will carry him forward.  His default motion lately has been trotting more than walking.  


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  1. jerry
    9:50 am - 4-29-2020

    Each time I see Griffin I just find myself wearing the biggest SMILE! He is such a happy boy, and so excited about life. What a great example for us humans.

    Great job with the blog, I love all the detail and guarantee it will help so many people as they embark on the Tripawd journey. Thank you so much for taking time to do this!

    • Stacy
      1:24 pm - 4-29-2020

      Finding the Tripawds community has been such a blessing and I hope that Griffin’s Journey helps others even a fraction of the support I have found here!

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