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Griffin's Journey

May 22

Griffin has his second rehab appointment today, this time at Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Center in Warren, NJ.  It’s about 45 minutes from our home, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have to drive to New Jersey!  Griffin was also excited to go for a car ride – both of us are tired of being home!  I was lucky enough to accompany Griffin for his entire visit, which was so helpful in terms of seeing the massage techniques and stretching exercises for Griffin.  David was so patient and informative, taking his time and explaining everything he did.  Just like with human massages, there were some moments when Griffin was uncomfortable due tension in his body, but I could see when the massage would release that tension and his whole body would go limp.  David’s assessment was that overall, Griffin is doing remarkably well.  We will be going back in a month, at which time David will have a recommendation for a brace for Griffin’s carpal (wrist) joint on his remaining front leg.

Griffin got a summer haircut yesterday.  It’s a tad shorter than I normally have it cut, but it will grow fast and the shorter hairdo helped to even out the patchwork all over Griffin’s body from the many recent times he has been shaved for surgery and subsequent procedures.  He’s a happy, handsome boy no matter what!

After waiting 6 days from the second round to chemo to make sure he did not suffer any side effects, Griffin started taking some of his supplements (vitamins, colostrum, and Turkey Tail) yesterday.  I’ll introduce the remaining ones slowly to ensure he tolerates them well, mindful that dosages may need to be tweaked to be just right.

Nothing much else is new on our end.  Griffin continues to thrive (he is now 7 weeks and 1 day post surgery) and as long as he is doing well, I am happy!

xoxo Stacy

I guess I make a comfy pillow while resting under a tree in our favorite park!

Happy boy before summer haircut…

…and still incredibly happy after grooming!

Griffin was worn out by rehab today!

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  1. arnold winitt
    10:34 am - 5-23-2020

    good morning stacy no place closer for rehab ?

    • Stacy
      1:23 pm - 5-23-2020

      Hi Dad! The place in NJ was recommended by a neighbor whose opinion I trust, so that is one factor. Also, we’ll only be going once a month and even with the cost of tolls/gas, it is cheaper than places in NYC. Finally, I get to stay with Griffin during his session, and all other places I called for rehab don’t allow that due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So for all those reasons, the trip to NJ is worth it! Love you!

  2. kazann
    12:32 pm - 5-23-2020

    Griffin is such a happy and beautiful dog. I’m sure his positive energy comes from you. It’s obvious you are doing all the right things. Enjoy your summer!
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • Stacy
      1:21 pm - 5-23-2020

      Thank you, Kerren! Tripawds has been a godsend for support and information, and for positivity from folks like you! Enjoy your summer, too!

  3. jerry
    2:52 pm - 5-23-2020

    What a great day! Not only was it great to get out but to find a practitioner that works for you both is golden! Great job!

    Griffin always makes me smile, I cannot look at a photo of him and NOT smile. That boy of yours is just such an inspawration.

    • Stacy
      3:03 pm - 5-23-2020

      It was a really great day – a great rehab appointment and a trip to break up the monotony of too many days spent at home. And since there is no traffic on the roads, it was smooth sailing! I’m glad my boy makes you smile – he makes me very happy, too!

  4. benny55
    10:17 pm - 5-23-2020

    Seeing Griffin is always such a bright spot in our day😊 Always lots of Zen, informative, fun and inspiring.

    And we got to hear from Griffin’s Grandpa too!😎

    Hugs Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Stacy
      10:39 pm - 5-23-2020

      I always look forward to your comments, Sally – they are so positive and encouraging! And Griffin’s can’t wait for the warmer weather so he can swim in his Grandpa’s awesome pool!

    • steveh
      11:30 am - 5-24-2020

      That is awesome you and Griffin are doing well. Reminds me to get off my lazy butt and update Ziva.
      You two have been our inspirational while we go through the same journey.
      I love the summer shave, Griffin should be loving it as well with the warmer weather. Keep up the great work and I’ll do my best to update Ziva tonight.

      • Stacy
        1:53 pm - 5-24-2020

        The feeling is mutual, Steve. I find inspiration in Ziva’s story and I’ve learned from you and others in our Tripawds community. I’ll be looking for a Ziva update soon!

  5. holsmum05
    12:39 am - 5-24-2020

    What a great update! So glad to hear how well Griffin is doing Stacy, such a good boy! Lots of love. Plus, isn’t it amazing to get out the house, even just for rehab visits! Me and Holly enjoy it haha. Xo

    • Stacy
      1:54 pm - 5-24-2020

      It’s so good to hear from you, Sophie! I think about Holly because it has been a while since you’ve posted an update (hint, hint!). I hope you are doing well and that life is slowly returning to normal for you on the other side of the pond! xoxo

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