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Griffin's Journey

May 24

Since Griffin’s rehab appointment on Friday, I’ve noticed that he is moving more fluidly and seems to have more pep in his step, especially on our morning walks of about 1.4 miles done all under his own power.  His new wagon arrived yesterday and we took it for a spin on our late afternoon walk, which allowed us to get home more quickly when we were caught in a downpour, although we both still needed to spend some time with a hair dryer once back home!  We used the wagon again this evening, when the photos and videos below were taken.  I popped Griffin into the wagon, pushed him to the park, lifted him out to run around, and then popped him back in for the ride home when he got tired.  The inside dimensions of his wagon are a standard medium dog bed size (30″ x 20″), so I purchased a 3″ foam bed with an indoor/outdoor washable cover which gives him a very comfortable ride.  Griffin seems to enjoy his new chariot a lot, and I love being able to push the wagon and keep him in front of me instead of pulling him behind me.  Bonus elements include brakes, all terrain wheels, a collapsible basket, and a canopy (which will be great on sunny days and kept some of the rain off Griffin yesterday)!  The new red wagon is going to get a lot of use this summer!

xoxo Stacy

Napping with his Eagle buddy after a long morning walk.

Griffin enjoying his luxurious new limo!

We saw this duo paddle-boarding on the Hudson River tonight!

3 comments so far

  1. benny55
    11:37 pm - 5-25-2020

    The maker of the Chariot company needs to hire Griffin as their spokedawg. Clearly Griffin is rating it five stars.
    So glad to see Griffin happy and just getting on with loving life on three. Perfect example of how resilient dogs are. Love the video of Griffin getting his back roll in every trip😎
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too !

  2. Stacy
    11:51 pm - 5-25-2020

    I’ll be sure to send the company of photo of Griffin in his new ride to see if they want to use the marketing angle of a dog chariot in addition to the regular old wagon angle. 🤩

  3. Summer Long
    7:50 am - 6-17-2020

    Hi, can I ask which wagon you bought? I have a 30kilo greyhound, and a and would be great to have a lower side so she can hop in.

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