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Griffin's Journey

Jul 15

It’s been a rough week for us.  On July 8, 2020, Griffin was scheduled for his 4th round of chemo, preceded by chest x-rays.  Unfortunately, his x-rays revealed a growth in his right lung, indicating that the cancer has metastasized.  Griffin’s oncologist, Dr. Camps, suggested switching chemo agents – using doxorubicin now since 3 rounds of carboplatin did not prevent the growth of this lung met.  So instead of his 4th round of carboplatin, Griffin was administered his 1st round of doxorubicin, which will be administered every 3 weeks for 5 or 6 rounds.  We will repeat his x-rays in 6 weeks (prior to his 3rd round of doxorubicin) which will hopefully show, at the very least, that the doxorubicin stabilized the lung met, and at the very best, decreased it in size. I’ve also been researching clinical trials and found one that seemed like a great match for Griffin’s situation, but he is ineligible since he has already had a round of doxorubicin (the chemo drug they will be using).  Dr. Camps has reached out to the lead vet for that trial to see if we can get the information to replicate it on our own – fingers crossed that they are willing to help in that capacity! 🤞

Doped up Griffin after receiving pain meds at AMC.

Then on July 12, 2020, while Griffin and I were out for an evening stroll, Griffin was startled by a motorcycle and leaped out of his wagon, landing hard on his front leg and falling on his right side.  He seemed to shake it off, even walking for the last block home, but after resting on the couch for a few hours that evening, he was unable to get up when I called him to go out.  So, off we went for a midnight visit to the same hospital where he is being treated, the Animal Medical Center.  I was pretty sure that nothing was broken since he was able to walk and bear weight on the leg, but I wanted the assurance of a medical professional.  I also felt horribly because Griffin really didn’t want to go out that evening and I made him.  We’ve had issues with fireworks nightly since the start of June, but that had recently (mostly) stopped and I wanted Griffin to learn that evening walks were no longer scary.  Boy was I wrong!  The ER vet agreed with me that it was likely a soft tissue injury and did not push for x-rays since that would have required sedation.  She gave Griffin an injection of methadone and sent us home with codeine and directions for the anti-inflammatory and pain meds (gallaprant and gabapentin) that we had left over from his surgery.  Griffin’s surgeon, Dr. Spector, continues to be amazing and reached out the next morning to check on Griffin – we are so lucky to have him!  Griffin was clearly sore and seemed to have a dysphoric reaction to the codeine, laying for hours with his eyes open and panting, similar to his reaction to an opiate he was taking after surgery.  With Dr. Spector’s input, I stopped the codeine after only 2 doses, and he has been doing well since then, resting comfortably with just the other 2 meds.  He is on restricted activity for a week, and since the gabapentin makes him sleepy, that hasn’t been too much of a struggle.  I purchased a tether meant for use in cars that I attached to his wagon so that we avoid accidents like this in the future. 🤦‍♀️

Griffin modeling his new chariot tether. Safety first!


Despite how difficult things have been recently, there are so many things for which I am grateful.  Griffin continues to be his happy, loving self who, apart from his recent injury, doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  I know doxorubicin is known for more severe side effects, but aside from a bit of diarrhea on Thursday evening, Griffin has not shown any negative reactions from the round of chemo he received on Wednesday, and we are now past the 3-5 day window when those effects would appear.  His appetite has remained strong and he is content to have me push him in his wagon to enjoy being outside while on restricted activity.  😊

The team at the Animal Medical Center is nothing short of phenomenal.  They are so compassionate and dedicated to Griffin’s care, going above and beyond what is required professionally.  Dr. Spector and Dr. Camps are incredibly quick to respond to my emails and encourage me to fully partner with them in determining Griffin’s course of treatment.  I cannot recommend AMC highly enough!  🙌

And finally, Tripawds Nation has been my rock throughout this entire process.  I know I can ask any question or share any situation and I will be met with nothing but encouragement, experienced advice, and grace.  There is no way I would be navigating this entire process nearly as well informed or as hopeful as I am without the help of my Tripawds family.  Thank you! 💕

The video below was taken this morning.  As you can see, Griffin is well on the road to recovery and sends everyone his love!  xoxo Stacy

5 comments so far

  1. Jody
    12:38 pm - 7-15-2020

    Love that boy! Give him lots of extra squeezes from me.

  2. Donna Keller
    4:37 pm - 7-15-2020

    WOW Stacy…had no idea what you and Griffin were going through this week! Glad he is on the road to recovery. Come out and relax next week. We’ll enjoy and celebrate your dad’s birthday, and Griffin can enjoy the pool!

  3. jerry
    3:12 pm - 7-16-2020

    You scared us Griffin! I know it’s crazy out in the world right now, who can blame you for being a bit jumpy. Stay safe my friend, keep on making the world smile with your charm. xoxo

  4. benny55
    11:10 am - 7-17-2020

    Anyone who has followed Griffin and Stacy in the forums or on the blog knows that this is a team born to be together. This is a team that can overcome any challenge. This is a team that knows how to squeeze out joy and happiness in every single moment. Stacy has given so much support and Vital Information to everyone here on the site, all while going on her own Journey with Griffin. Griffin is definitely a Goodwill Ambassador for tripawds and has shown everyone what is possible. His quick recovery astounded us and his determination to get back to doing things exactly as he had before was truly miraculous. We just love these two❤❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5. Marcie
    12:01 am - 7-18-2020

    Oh, no, poor Griffin! I’m so sad the cancer spread. And I am so glad he’s under such good care! I love you both so much!

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