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Griffin's Journey

Jul 04

In my last post, I shared how much Griffin enjoyed visiting my Dad and Donna, and swimming in the pool!  We also spent some time with Jody and her girls, Bethany and Shayna.  We went for a walk in Belmont Lake State Park where Griffin checked out a few swans!

While Griffin and I enjoy celebrating Independence Day, Griffin is not a fan of fireworks.  I purchase a special drug, Sileo, each year which helps to desensitize Griffin to the noise of the fireworks without sedating him.  This year, however, our neighborhood has been rocked by fireworks every night for the past month (sometimes until 3am!), and so while Griffin is still not a fan of fireworks, he has become somewhat desensitized to them, with a lot less shaking, panting, and drooling than in previous years.  We went for a long walk this morning to enjoy the park and show off Griffin’s festive collar.

From our little family to yours, may this Independence Day sparkle with good times!  Stay safe!  xoxo Stacy

And enjoy this moment of Hudson River zen!

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  1. jerry
    9:01 pm - 7-8-2020

    Awww what a lovely pawliday! So many smiles and hoppy people and Griffin, what a fantastic way to spend the 4th. It must have felt so good to get out there in the sunshine, be with people you love, and watch him soak up the sunshine in all his glory. And that roll-over is SO impressive! He just got back up like it was nothing!

    Thanks for sharing the video of the Hudson. It’s so peaceful! Was it like that before the pandemic? I picture it being filled with lots of boat traffic. My brother in law has a tug boat fleet that runs the Hudson all the time!

  2. jerry
    9:02 pm - 7-8-2020

    Oh and that’s one good thing about the crazy fireworks situation this year. YAY for desensitizing him to the noise! I wish those darn things didn’t exist at all, they’re so bad for animals and people alike!

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