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Griffin's Journey

Jun 27

As we are now officially in the summer season, the days are growing warmer and in NYC, that means more humidity as well.  On the humid days, Griffin’s energy is sapped much more quickly, so I was especially appreciative of Rene’s post on Tripawds about cooling vests.  I purchased the Ruffwear Jet Stream vest in size medium, which Griffin is proudly modeling below!  I wasn’t sure how the vest would actually cool him off if after soaking it I am supposed to wring it out, but the vest really did hold onto the water in the gray section.  It wasn’t a particularly hot day when he first tried it out, but he seemed to like it.  I like that his back is covered because he has a dark spot where his hair hasn’t grown back all the way (his oncologist said the dark spot can be a side effect of chemo with light colored dogs) and because his regular harness fits easily over the cooling vest.

We traveled to Long Island yesterday to visit my Dad and Donna.  Since the first floor of their house is all hardwood floors, I fitted Griffin with toe caps on all 4 front nails and on the 2 longest back nails on each of his hind legs to help provide grip.  They seem to be working quite well – he is able to get up easily without scrambling.  The toe caps also are good protection for the pool liner!

As soon as we arrived at the house, Griffin made a beeline for the pool!  So, I buckled him into his life jacket, and off he went!  Afterwards, I was able to dry him off using the special, personalized towel that my dear friend Virginia gifted to Griffin!

I hope your summer is off to a fun start like Griffin’s!  xoxo Stacy

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