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Griffin's Journey

Jun 07

It’s been a pretty regular week for Griffin and me.  We had a few hot and humid days, and I saw how much more quickly Griffin became fatigued in that weather, so Griffin’s chariot will be getting a lot more use.  The highlight of our week was a visit today from my friend of 37 years, Jody.  She is the first family we have seen since Griffin’s surgery, and he was so excited that he was pretty much glued to her side for the entire visit!

Griffin and Jody


I’m always amazed at the wildlife that I see in NYC.  This little guy was next to a spot where Griffin pooped, and I’m not sure I would have seen him had I not bent to the ground to clean up.

NYC garter snake


It also amazes me that I can mix 6 capsules of vitamins, colostrum, and mushrooms, plus 20 tea pills of Chinese herbs into one cup of Griffin’s home made meals, and he licks the bowl clean each time!

Griffin’s latest batch of home cooked meals


Enjoy these videos of Griffin playing and exploring!  xoxo Stacy

4 comments so far

  1. jerry
    3:20 pm - 6-9-2020

    The look on Jody and Griffin’s faces says so much about how good it feels to get outside and attempt some normalcy. What a great pic! And that snake….so there’s another kind of wildlife in NYC eh? Who knew?

    • Stacy
      2:48 pm - 6-10-2020

      We literally spent hours sitting under that tree – it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon!

  2. Casey Tucker
    9:58 pm - 6-9-2020

    Just love seeing that sweet boy thrive ❤️ And what an awesome mama he has to cook him homemade meals!! Glad all is well, Stacy!

    Xoxo, Casey and Finn

    • Stacy
      2:49 pm - 6-10-2020

      Thanks, Casey! We are overdue for an update on Finn – please post soon so we can see what your goofy boy has been up to lately!

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