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Griffin's Journey

May 27

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks since Griffin’s surgery.  It feels both longer than that and also like it was just yesterday.  I am incredibly thankful that he has recovered so well, is living a happy life, and shines as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.

xoxo Stacy

Griffin in his man-spreading glory!

A helpful reminder from the NYC Parks Department!

A hike in the woods on Monday…

A game of fetch in the park on Tuesday…

A moment of Hudson River zen on Wednesday…

4 comments so far

  1. Kerri
    11:37 am - 5-28-2020

    The end of your letter should be a card!

    • Stacy
      7:00 pm - 5-28-2020

      I feel really lucky to live so close to the Hudson River!

  2. Nando
    6:43 pm - 5-28-2020

    It’s so heart warming to see Griffin doing so well and loving life!

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