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Griffin's Journey

Nov 21

Griffin is loving the mostly cooler fall weather, although in the last few weeks we’ve had coat-less days in the high 60s and other mornings with temperatures below freezing.  We are on day 18 of Griffin’s latest metronomic chemotherapy protocol, and so far, I have not observed any side effects.  Griffin’s appetite is great, his energy level is high, and he remains playful and affectionate.  He was groomed recently, and I noticed some changes in his hair that are likely a result of the chemo.  Specifically, the hair along his back is darker than before and the texture is wavier.  I wonder if those changes will be permanent since they are confined mostly to his back and not all over his body, but regardless, he remains the most handsome boy!  We will return to the Animal Medical Center on November 24, 2020 for a physical exam, bloodwork, and a urinalysis (cyclophosphamide is known to irritate the bladder), but we won’t repeat x-rays until January to give the drugs time to work.

To make up for the rather short update due to life being pretty normal, please enjoy these autumn photos and videos of Grifin!

What a difference a few weeks make!  On the left, pretty fall foliage on October 30th.  On the right, bare trees on November 20th.

Pre and post haircut…shaggy versus sleek!

The temperature hit 68º on November 7th and on November 19th it was 31º!

Enjoying a little nibble of grass…

…and a good back scratching session…

…and a romp in the leaves (I only caught the tail end of his zoomies that day)…

…and no day is finished without a round or two of fetch!

2 comments so far

  1. steveh
    5:07 pm - 11-24-2020

    Hello Stacy and Griffin I’m so glad you guys are doing well. I’ve been keeping track of you both since Ziva and I got cancer about the same time you guys did.
    Your adventure inspire us all and Griffin is a rock star. Keep on rocking it three leg style and keep us posted. I just wish I was better with pics and video as you are lol.

    • Stacy
      12:19 am - 11-25-2020

      Hi Steve and Ziva! We also keep tabs on Ziva’s journey and love hearing about her positive progress. PLEASE post new photos of your gorgeous girl soon! xoxo Stacy & Griffin

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